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Varicose Vein

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Types of varicose veins

Chronic venous disease that causes blood to accumulate in the veins of the legs and cause poor circulation

Placement classification

  • Great Saphenous Vein

    (Varicose vein due to reflux of Great Saphenous Vein)

    Vein disease begins in the groin area. Blue or green veins larger than 3 mm appear on the front or inside of the thigh and on the calves.

  • Small Saphenous Vein

    (Varicose vein due to reflux of Small Saphenous Vein)

    It starts in the popliteal area on the back of the knee. Veins appear on the calves, but sometimes on the lateral or back of the thigh.

  • Perforator veins

    (Varicose vein due to reflux of Perforator Vein)

    Blue or light blue saphenous veins with a diameter of 4 ~ 6 mm

  • Reticular varicose veins

    (Reticular Vein)

    Varicose veins caused by increased venous pressure of the saphenous veins. Small local appearance of dark blue veins with a diameter of 2 ~ 3 mm.

  • Telangiectasias

    (Telangiectasis / Spider vein)

    Enlarged venous capillars. Blood vessels less than 1 mm thick form cobwebs on the skin.