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JCI & KAHF international standards certification.


“Only 5 medical institutions in Korea confirmed the level
of service worthy of foreign patients”

What is KAHF (Korea Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients)?

The Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare evaluates and certifies medical facilities that provide high-quality and safe services to foreigners in accordance with the Law on Expanding Overseas Medical Services and Supporting Foreign Patients.
The accreditation system evaluates 32 criteria on 130 points

Kim Byoung Joon LEDAS Varicose Vein Clinic provides a personalized service for foreign patients

  • The presence of the KAHF certificate confirms the highest level of service provided to foreign patients
  • Individual support by the clinic's in-house coordinators who speak English, Chinese and Russian
  • Tourist services
  • The treatment program is individually designed for each patient to minimize the inconvenience of treatment in a foreign country

Individual program for foreign patients

  • Already on the day of the operation, it is possible to visit interesting places in Busan due to the fact that the operation is carried out on the same day with hospitalization and discharge.
  • The treatment schedule is adjusted according to the patient's stay in Korea schedule.
  • A shuttle service is available to the airport, clinic and hotel.
  • In order to minimize possible psychological discomfort and the risk of misunderstanding, a personal coordinator is always near the patient to provide translation and support.
  • Even after the end of treatment and return to your home country, you remain in contact with the clinic to monitor and control the treatment results.
  • Due to the existence of the Representative Offices of the International Healthcare Center of the LEDAS Clinic in other countries, we give a guarantee for the results of treatment and continue treatment even after the patient returns home.