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Varicose Vein

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What are varicose veins

Varicose veins are a chronic venous disease which causes circulatory disorders that makes blood accumulate in the veins of the legs

Symtoms of varicose veins

It is widely believed that varicose veins are sinuous veins protruding above the surface of the skin.
Varicose veins do not always manifest themselves visually, they have many invisible symptoms.

Visible symptoms

Raising blood vessels or discoloration of the skin appear in the legs

  • Small dilated blood vessels


  • Blue blood vessels

    (reticular varicose veins)

  • Protruding blood vessels


  • Skin discoloration

Perceptible symptoms

Legs look healthy, there are no visible blood vessels, but unpleasant sensations are present

  • Pain

  • Heaviness

  • Edema (swelling)

  • Night muscle cramps

  • Itchy skin

6 degrees of development of varicose veins

Varicose veins, if it occurs, does not disappear by itself - the disease progresses, the symptoms worsen. If you do not start to treat it in a timely manner, complications may arise.
This is a chronic disease and, depending on the clinical picture, 6 stages of development of varicose veins can be distinguished.

  • 1st


  • 2nd

    Varicose veins

  • 3rd


  • 4th

    Skin discoloration

  • 5th

    Severe skin discoloration
    and ulceration

  • 6th

    Progressive ulcer

Prevention of varicose veins

Healthy habits for life

  • Good for legs!

    Walking at a moderate pace daily

    Placing the legs above
    the heart level during rest

    Water washing routine not
    in the the morning,
    but in the evening

  • It can hurt!

    Long staying in one position

    High calorie salt foods

    High temperatures (sauna, bath)

Wearing medical compression stockings

  • Unlike everyday stockings, medical compression stockings provide varying degrees of compression on certain areas of the legs. Blood circulation is improved by tightly squeezing the ankle and gradually relieving pressure above the leg, which prevents blood from accumulating at the bottom. For patients with varicose veins, compression stockings act as a means of conservative treatment and enhance the therapeutic effectiveness after the main treatment.

    Compression stockings are not the main method of treatment, therefore, if you suspect varicose veins, seek diagnosis and professional medical help from a specialist.