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Safe space created for patients

The interior of the clinic perfectly takes into account the needs of patients,
and the level of safety that meets all international standards.

Hospitalization Guide

The treatment process at LEDAS is designed in such a way that the patient can return to daily life on the day of surgery

  • 1


  • 2

    ECG examination

  • 3

    ultrasound examination

  • 4

    Operation and
    injection therapy

  • 5

    Training in the use of
    compression stockings

  • 6

    Condition monitoring
    and walking exercises

  • 7


Recommendations after surgery

Following the doctor's recommendations is just as important as the operation is!
Below are the main recommendations that are important to follow for an excellent treatment result.

  • Recommended

    Wearing compression stockings
    Cold compresses on the treatment area
    in the case of pain or discomfort

  • Prohibited

    Visiting saunas and hot springs,
    taking a hot baths, drinking alcohol