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LEDAS Treatment Method

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LEDAS applied system for varicose vein treatment

LEDAS is the best solution for treating varicose veins and preventing relapse

LEDAS applied therapy

Dr. Kim Byoung Joon's varicose vein treatment and relapse prevention system is based on many years of experience and 18 years of research

Dr. Kim Byoung Joon's conclusion on the causes of recurrent varicose veins

  • 01

    Incomplete diagnosis

  • 02

    Wrong plan and method of treatment

  • 03

    Lack of preventive follow-up

Using the achievements of modern medicine and combining the safest methods of treatment.
The goal of the LEDAS system is minimally invasive surgery and complete treatment of varicose veins without the risk of relapse.

Varicose veins treatment process at LEDAS

"The path to happiness must be walked with healthy legs."
The system for the treatment of chronic venous diseases was developed by the director of the LEDAS clinic, Dr. Kim Byoung Joon.