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LEDAS Treatment Method

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LEDAS applied system for varicose vein treatment

LEDAS is the best solution for treating varicose veins and preventing relapse

Existing method of varicose vein surgery

Anesthesia - general anesthesia, spinal anesthesia

  • Risk of nerve damage
  • Long recovery period
  • Risks associated with anesthesia

Cut made

  • Pain
  • Scarring
  • Long-term healing

High relapse rate

  • The possibility of the formation of a new vein anomaly in the field of surgery
  • Possibility of reverse blood flow in the perforator veins

LEDAS applied therapy is free from the disadvantages of existing surgical methods

The LEDAS treatment system was developed by the head of the clinic, Dr. Kim Byoung Joon, based on eighteen years of practical experience and multiple studies of varicose veins.

Minimally invasive technologies of modern medicine reduce painful sensations and the period of rehabilitation to a minimum and allow you to return to your usual life on the day of surgery

What is Minimally Invasive Surgery?

A surgical method that minimizes the impact on the patient's body.

  • Complementary treatment methods (laser + injections) form an ideal treatment system
  • Relapse prevention program
  • Operation without incisions
  • Local anesthesia (no need for narcosis or spinal anesthesia)
  • Minimized risk of pain, bleeding, scarring and nerve damage
  • Return to normal life on the day of surgery
  • By direct laser irradiation of the inner wall of the problem vessel through a fiber as thick as a human hair,
    the walls of the dilated vein are "glued" together, and the closed vein is gradually absorbed in the body.

    • 1
      Confirming reverse blood flow
    • 2
      Optical fiber getting into the vein
    • 3
      Laser irradiation of the inner walls of the vein
    • 4
      Vein occlusion
    • 5
      End of the operation, the irradiated vein begins to be absorbed

    Features of endovenous laser surgery

    • No cuts are made
    • Minimized pain, risk of bleeding and scarring
    • Short operation time, local anesthesia
    • Hospitalization and discharge are made on the day of surgery
    • Minimal impact on the patient's body due to the use of local anesthesia

    For complete treatment and prevention of possible relapses
    it is supplemented with injection therapy

  • Ultrasound-guided injection of a sclerosing agent into dilated veins that hidden between muscles and invisible to the human eye

    Since varicose veins, invisible to the naked eye,
    they must be treated with extreme caution by highly qualified medical personnel.
    This procedure is the most important step to prevent recurrence of varicose veins.

  • Injection of a vascular sclerosing agent into an enlarged varicose vein that is visible to the naked eye - for example,
    reticular veins or fine spider veins

    Features of injection therapy (DGS / SCT)

    • The effects of anesthesia are minimized as well as pain, bleeding and scars
    • The procedure takes a few minutes
    • You can return to daily activities immediately after the procedure
    • The procedure is easily tolerated by elderly patients or people with serious chronic diseases.

    Injection therapy supplements laser surgery for completeness of the treatment provided and prevention of possible relapses

Each method of treatment may have side effects, consultation with a specialist is necessary

Precautions after treatment

1Laser surgery

Within 1-2 weeks after the operation, pulling pain may appear in the treatment area,
walking at a comfortable pace and gentle ankle exercises to stimulate circulation can help ease this feeling.

2Injection therapy

  • Immediately after the procedure, a feeling of heaviness in the chest and a dry cough may appear.
    This is a temporary phenomenon that comes back to normal over time.
  • After the procedure, the color of the vessels may become darker, the veins may become stiffer to the touch.
    This is a healing process, it is normal.


  • It is necessary to come to the clinic according to a regular check-up schedule to monitor the healing process
  • Regular light walking is required for 2-4 weeks after treatment

To enhance the effect of the treatment of varicose veins
it is recommended to wear medical compression stockings

Wearing medical compression stockings after laser surgery or injection therapy improves blood circulation
and narrows the blood vessels that have been treated.
Thus, they promote the resorption of the healed veins in the body.

How medical compression stockings work

Compression stockings apply varying degrees of pressure on the feet, ankles, calves, and thighs.
The maximum compression in the lower leg is gradually loosened upward, which improves blood circulation in the leg veins and helps improve the treatment effect.

It is important to consider that wearing medical compression stockings is not the main treatment.
However, they help ease the symptoms of varicose veins and play an important role in preventing recurrence.