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Safe space created for patients

The interior of the clinic perfectly takes into account the needs of patients,
and the level of safety that meets all international standards.

“A new component of international medical tourism:
LEDAS in the very center of k-medi”

Creation of the LEDAS
International Healthcare Center

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    Khabarovsk, Russia
  • map_c_img02
    Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • map_c_img03
    Vladivostok, Russia
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    lrkutsk, Russia


  • The only clinic in the world that is simultaneously accredited
    by JCI and KAHF.
    Security and service provided meets international standards.

    • - LEDAS aims to become a clinic that sets international standards in the treatment of
      varicose veins
    • - Endless research to improve the treatment of varicose veins
  • Online symposium K-Medi

    • - For workers of medical institutions in Russia and the CIS countries, a lecture about
      the advantages of the LEDAS varicose veins treatment method was held.
    • - Joint discussion of the development of the direction of medical tourism in Busan on
      the eve of the post-coronavirus era, as well as the expansion of medical cooperation
      between Korea and Russia
  • Global cooperation LEDAS

    • - LEDAS has become a new component of world medical tourism, opening its offices
      in other countries, forming a global network
    • - Agreements on partnership in the field of digital healthcare have been concluded
      with foreign medical institutions
  • Global interest in LEDAS

    • - Produced medical content for the Russian YouTube influencer
      "The tea party" (over 180,000 views)
    • - Increasing global interest in the LEDAS varicose veins treatment system
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