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Patient Guide for the Hospitalization

  • Guardian : Guardians are not necessary.

  • Infection Prevention : To protect patients, limit visits if the following applies.
    ※ Visiting hours : Weekday/Saturday/Holiday (09:00~16:00)
    • ① Have cold/flu or respiratory infection
    • ② Have skin lesions
    • ③ Have acute infection (diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, etc.)
    • ④ Have recent contact with person with infectious or contagious disease
    • ⑤ Have to be cautious or need self protection: If pregnant, over 70 years of age, under 12 years of age, need continual treatment like chemotherapy, etc., have weak immune system
    • ⑥ Group visits such as close friends, alumni, religious organizations, etc.
    • ⑦ Prohibited articles : Flowers, plants, pets, outside food
    • ⑧ Infection control & prevention : Wash hands before & after treatment, comply with coughing etiquette
  • Meal Time : No fixed time

  • Rounding Hours : 1pm

  • Convenient facilities :
    ※ Bedding (blanket, pillow) is offered to patients only.
    Public Restroom: Next to the E/V
    Fax service: Please contact the information desk (11st and 12th floors)
    Mini-Bar: Front of the LEDAS lounge. (Cold & Hot Water, Coffee, Tea, Juice)
    LEDAS Lounge: Next to the patient's room 3.
  • Emergency call button
    Patient's rooms and Restroom have been installed with emergency call buttons.
    If you're in an emergency, please press the button
  • Complaints / Grievances : Please contact the English coordinator or express it by one of the ways below so that we can react
    ① Submitting by form : Customer feedback paper in each admission room
    ② Call : 070-4895-5086
    ③ Submitting online : http://global.kbjledas.com
  • Theft Prevention : DO NOT leave your cash or valuables in the patient's room.(We have a service to deposit your hospital charges beforehand at patient affairs department.)
  • Medical Waste : Please throw used cotton alcohol pads, bloody gauze into medical waste container covered in orange plastic bag.
  • Preventing a fall : Please raise bed rails for safety.
  • If you feel pain, please notify to the assigned nurse or doctor and express the area, degree, characteristics, and frequency of your pain.
  • Certificate of treatment : It will be issued by the department of patients’ affairs upon discharge. (Please inform us in advance of the required documents)
  • Parking : Inpatients can use “Munhwa parking lot”(문화주차장) located on the right side of the Korean traditional restaurant "Samiheon“(사미헌).
  • Fire Prevention : Use of heating devices(electric pot, electric pad, electric heater, etc.) or portable gas stoves are strictly prohibited due to the risk of fire.
  • Fire extinguisher : In front of the information desk and both ends of hallway (equipped in each ward)
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan : Report to station immediately upon discovery of fire.
    In case of emergency evacuation, please follow staffs instructions and give full cooperation.
    (Hospital map layout and emergency evacuation: Refer to hospital information board)
  • Hospital has a stringent no-smoking policy. DO NOT smoke indoors.
  • Inpatients are not allowed going outside.
  • Please refer to the manual for varicose veins related to education programs for patients and guardians.
  • Violence or threat against healthcare providers, damage to property, obstruction to medical practice, etc. will be severely punished according to the relevant law.
    (Revised Medical Law Article 12)

We kindly ask for your full cooperation for establishing a safe and comfortable medical treatment condition.

Patients Rights & Responsibilities


  • Patients have the right to respect as human beings with dignity and value.
  • Patients have the right to receive proper healthcare services and medical treatment regardless of gender, age, religion, status or economic situation; treatment can not be refused without justifiable reason.
  • Patients have the right to be informed and concerns heard regarding diagnosis and treatment options, if subject to medical research or organ transplant, expected outcome of treatment including side effects, cost of care from doctors, nurses, etc. Patients also have the right to give consent or refuse.
  • Patients have the right to get the second opinion in determining treatment methods.
  • Patients' personal health information and privacy are fully protected therefore medical personnel and medical institutions can not disclose confidential information except when they receive consent from the patient or when criminal investigations are required by law.
  • Patients have the right to be respected for their cultural and religious values and beliefs.
  • In case of medical service disputes, patients have the right to consultation and mediation from the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency.


  • Patients need to give a complete and accurate information about their health and medical history; trust and respect the treatment plan of the healthcare provider.
  • Patients are expected to provide accurate personal information before treatment and can not be treated or receive treatment under a false name.
  • Patients must abide by hospital rules and regulations.
  • Patients must treat all hospital staff and other patients with courtesy and respect.
  • Patients must adhere to their financial obligations with the hospital.

Patient Complaint & Grievance Process

Submit via Homepage, Submit in complaint box, By phone or in person, In writing by mail → Classify and review complaint / grievance by type → Notify relevant department → Receive response from department - Classify cause analysis of complaint / grievance → Report to Director of Hospital - Respond to person(s) filing Complant / grievance → Notify all departments - Respond to management directors and notify corrective action taken

Medical Dispute Resolution

Begin Medical Dispute Claim → Classify and review complaint / grievance by type → Details of treatment given by assigned doctor in charge (If explanation is net accepted, contact person in charge of medical disputes at extension 7453)→ Notification of process procedure afger investigation by legal affairs department → Internal Procedure - Proceed with medical fee reduction , - Proceed with medical accident compensation insurance procedure/ (Treatment department submits medical dispute arbitration applicaion) External Procedure - Contact medical dispute mediation arbitrator / agency, - File damages claim (court)→ Natification of Dispute Outcome - Damage assessment outcome / Adjustment of decision / Decision (Notification of indemnity (dependant on negligent / not negligent decision) / proceed with agreement process) → Dispite Closed (Hospital Medical Dispute Resolution Committee deliberates decision)

For further infomation / Medical Korea Information Center : 1577-7129 / Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency : 1670-2545

Guidelines on the use of personal information

In accordance with the Korean Personal Information Protection Act and GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation), Kim Byoung Joon LEDAS Varicose Vein Clinic provides the following guidelines before collecting personal information.
Kim Byoung Joon LEDAS Varicose Vein Clinic will use collected personal information for the following purposes. Information provided by users will not be used for any other purposes than what is shown below and if it needs to be used for other purposes, the consent of the users will be obtained beforehand.

1. Purpose of collecting and using personal information
For making appointments with doctors and processing civil affairs and requests

2. Items of personal information to collect and the method of collection
Essential items: name, gender, date of birth, address, telephone numbers (fixed-line, mobile), e-mail
Optional items: e-mail/SNS service (Even if the user does not mark on optional items, he/she will face no restrictions on the use of services.) The above information may automatically be created and collected while a person uses services provided by the hospital(record of service use, access log, cookie, access IP).

3. Period of storing and using personal information
Once the purpose of collecting or receiving personal information is fulfilled, the personal information will be immediately destroyed.

  • Membership subscription information: It will be destroyed when the user withdraws membership or is expelled from membership.
  • Information collected to provide medical services: It will be stored for the period set forth in the Medical Service Act.
※ It will be proceeding even if the purpose of collecting or receiving personal information is fulfilled.

4. Right of refusal / Limitations
You may refuse the collection and use of selected personal information. In that case, access to some of the services may be limited, such as changing dates.
If you do not provide essential information, which is the minimum scope of information necessary for making appointments, you may not be able to make an appointment.

I hereby agree to the collection and use of personal information.

Agreement on the collection and use of sensitive information

Kim Byoung Joon LEDAS Varicose Vein Clinic collects sensitive information, as follows, in order to provide better services for making appointments.

  • Item of information: symptoms of diseases
  • Purpose of collection/use: to guide befitting his/her symptoms
  • Period of storage and use: It will be destroyed after an appointment is made

Right of refusal / Limitations
Patients have the right to refuse to provide sensitive information. In that case, it is impossible to make an appointment with a doctor.
I hereby agree to the collection and use of personal information.

General Guide of Visa

  • Please contact the Korean Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s country (or area) of residence.
  • Procedure : Submission of application → Reception & Review → Visa issuance → Arrival in Korea