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LEDAS Treatment Method

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LEDAS applied system for varicose vein treatment

LEDAS is the best solution for treating varicose veins and preventing relapse

Know-how of LEDAS in diagnostics

If the anatomical location and current condition of all the small vessels that have spread to the disease are not determined accurately, treatment may not be complete.
This can lead to relapse.
The success or failure of treatment is determined by the accuracy of the diagnosis, which depends on the experience of the medical staff and the quality of the equipment.

Modern ultrasound diagnostic equipment
  • Super-premium precision ultrasonic equipment
  • 4th generation devices Philips EPIQ-5, EPIQ-7, EPIQ Elite
  • Accurate identification of vessel size and shape, and direction of blood flow
  • Fast and clear display of the image on the screen, the patient sees and understands the examination results together with the doctor
Wealth of clinical experience
  • Thoracic surgeon with over 24 years of experience
  • Specializing in the treatment of varicose veins for over 18 years
  • More than 18,000 successful surgeries
  • Refined LEDAS treatment system

Vascular ultrasound examination

The most accurate method for diagnosing blood vessels is ultrasound.

An ultrasound examination is a non-invasive method for diagnosing varicose veins that does not require contrast agents or irradiation.
It is a safe and painless way to check the direction and velocity of blood flow and the functioning of the venous valves.
Vascular ultrasound examination allows doctor to establish an accurate clinical picture and draw up an individual treatment plan suitable for each individual patient.

The purpose of ultrasound diagnostics

When and why ultrasound is performed at LEDAS

  • 1 Accurate diagnosis before surgery
  • 2 Control during the operation
  • 3 Follow-up, additional treatment and prevention of relapse after surgery