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Medical equipment used in LEDAS

Competent medical personnel, applied LEDAS varicose veins treatment system and the use of modern high-precision equipment - this is the formula for defeating varicose veins.

Laser equipment at LEDAS

The principle of laser coagulation is the method of closing a problem vessel by applying laser energy to the inner walls of the vein to create a high temperature.
Therefore, it is important to use modern precision equipment that will minimize the risk of damage of the surrounding tissues and at the same time transfer energy in a targeted manner.

In the Kim Byoung Joon LEDAS Varicose Vein Clinic,

safe and effective laser surgery is implemented using laser equipment with a wavelength of 1940 nm.
- Diode 1940nm (Diotech) - 4th generation equipment (2 units)

  • Minimally invasive

    The risk of infection and scarring is minimized

  • Local anesthesia

    Eliminates the risks associated with the use of general anesthesia

  • Fast

    The patient can return to normal life immediately on the day of surgery

Diode 1940nm Laser

  • Energy transfer through endothelial cells
  • Excellent moisture absorption to minimize damage to surrounding tissue from laser irradiation
  • There are almost no side effects such as pain, bruising and postoperative discomfort, allowing you to return to your daily life on the day of surgery
  • Possibility of performing an operation using local anesthesia

  • Pain and risk of bruising after surgery are minimal

  • Transfers generated energy

  • Provides safety to external tissues outside the blood vessel

  • There is almost no pain and swelling after surgery

  • Safe and accurate treatment